Went to both orphanages in Bonehill


Description: Overcast
Temperature: Moderate
High: 40°F (4°C)
Low: 23°F (-5°C)
Relative: Colder than normal
Wind Force: Light
Wind Speed: 6 mph (9 kph)
Light Wind: A gentle breeze, having little or no game effect.

Clear Colten's name


An elderly sage named Colten seeks a company of adventurers to clear his name against charges of treason.

Lord Trystan of Port Home was found dead in Colten’s house.

George, a city guardsman, and another guard accompanied Luna into the cellar. Luna cleared most of the floors, and fought a bit with George after the other guard died. George bled out but was resurrected, and will spend the rest of his life paying off that spell. Colten’s name was cleared, since the evidence pointed towards the zombie killing Lord Trystan.


Colten Kam Pierre

Str 7 (-2), Dex 9 (-1), Con 9 (-1), Int 12 (1), Wis 14 (2), Cha 9 (-1)
65 year-old man
anxious, mysterious, depressed, independent

Other Important People:

Str 12 (1), Dex 11 (0), Con 8 (-1), Int 13 (1), Wis 8 (-1), Cha 9 (-1)
Saw someone (with glowing red eyes, and silver hair) dragging a body sized bag out of a cellar toward the streets. Halfling.
(spontaneous, fearless, overbearing)

Katheryn Ganley
Str 12 (1), Dex 9 (-1), Con 9 (-1), Int 12 (1), Wis 12 (1), Cha 13 (1)
Blood was seen in her cellar that morning, and lots of it. She was disturbed, and believes her home has been cursed. She asks you to lift the curse, and will compensate 2 silver.
(shy, conscientious, anxious)

Dareen Ganley
Str 11 (0), Dex 13 (1), Con 10 (0), Int 12 (1), Wis 15 (2), Cha 10 (0)
Believes her sister ^ is losing her mind.
(dependable, materialistic, secretive)

Str 9 (-1), Dex 5 (-1), Con 10 (0), Int 11 (0), Wis 8 (-1), Cha 8 (-1)

Actually killed the lord in Colten’s house. He has red eyes, silver hair, and looks like he is starting to rot.
(ambitious, restless, eccentric)

Explore with Sana


An elven lady named Sana asks for help retrieving Iron bars from Cronemoor Cave. Wagon of iron in a cave. Sana has a round face, with brown hair and large blue eyes. She wears modest garments and several pouches hang from her belt.

Fought 2 kobold and a tiny monsterous spider.

she paid 10g.

Adventure Log
Campaign Blog

Record of what has passed.

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