Explore with Sana


An elven lady named Sana asks for help retrieving Iron bars from Cronemoor Cave. Wagon of iron in a cave. Sana has a round face, with brown hair and large blue eyes. She wears modest garments and several pouches hang from her belt.

Fought 2 kobold and a tiny monsterous spider.

she paid 10g.


Luna: Strange elvin lady found me on the roof and told me that I would get 10 gold if I retrieved her Iron bars. Not as easy as it sounds. Got to the cave with the bars and there were two kobolds outside. Also kobolds are tougher than they look. Finally defeated the kobolds after being knocked out twice. Then there was a giant spider in the cave. But she paid me and now I’ve got a nice black explorers outfit, so I guess it was worth it.

Explore with Sana

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